Warranty Information

By submitting your radio to me for restoration you agree to the following:

Rick's Antique Radios guarantees every new component installed by me to be free from defects for one year from the date of your receipt.  Should trouble develop within this period, the set must be returned to me, shipping charges pre-paid both ways.

New part (s) installed by me that prove defective will be replaced at no charge.

It is mandatory that you contact me prior to returning a set for warranty claims.  This will save you time and money as many times sets may exhibit behavior that is perfectly normal.  We need to discuss the problem you are having in detail before it is returned.  Labor charges will be incurred and will be your responsibility should a set be returned and problem not be duplicable on my workbench.  Failure or refusal to return the set for repair voids warranty.

The electronic components used in the restoration of the set are newly manufactured to electrically duplicate the original.  The original components that the set was built with had an average useful life of 3 to 5 years.  This was quite a lot considering that most radios were used 6 to 10 hours daily.  In comparison, the new components have an almost unlimited useful life, due mainly to modern manufacturing techniques and the amount of playing time the set receives today as compared to when it was new.  However, should defect in a part (s) installed by me occur after one year and up to five years, it will be replaced at no cost.  Labor charges will apply after the 1 year warranty period ends.  Simply return the set shipping charges pre-paid both ways.


 Parts Not Covered

No original part is covered in any way by this guarantee.  This includes but is not limited to tubes, pilot lamps, power transformers, audio output transformers, IF transformers, RF coils, controls, speaker field coil windings, wiring or any remaining part of the set.  Parts not installed by me are not covered.  Defects caused by Acts of God, nature or neglect are beyond my control.  Any use or misuse of the set is beyond my control and considered your responsibility.  COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL WITH USE OF ANY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE WHETHER OLD OR NEW.  YOU AS THE OWNER ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR DETERMINING ACCESS TO AND HOW THE SET IS MAINTAINED.  FURTHERMORE, YOU AGREE TO RELEASE ME FROM ANY LIABILITY, WHETHER DEFINED CURRENTLY OR IN THE FUTURE.  THIS INCLUDES BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO DAMAGE, LOSS, ACCIDENT, ABUSE, NEGLECT OR INCONVENIENCE AS A RESULT OF USE.  EXCEPT AS SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED ABOVE, NO EXPRESS WARRANTY OF THE RADIO IS MADE AND THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE RADIO.  THE RADIO SERVICE IS SOLD "AS IS" AND "WHERE IS" AND HAS BEEN FOUND SUITABLE FOR USE INTENDED BY BUYER.