Estimates, Rates and Fees

Thank you for considering my restoration service.  My goal is to bring back the voice your treasured set once had at a price that is affordable and will maintain your set's value in years to come.

Your set will be put through a restoration process that is the result of many years experience.  You can be assured of a restoration of the highest quality and value.

My parts suppliers have made available to me reproduction restoration components of the highest quality for many years and I have yet to have a failure or file any warranty claim to them.

There are as many different levels of complexity in antique radios as there are brand names.  My restoration prices take this into account.  My labor rates are competitive.  The cost of parts is the variable element in my rate and is directly related to the complexity of your set.  The estimate will be based on these factors.  Please supply the make and model for a free, no obligation estimate using the contact form.

I do not offer various levels of restoration.  My goal is to make your set operational and reliable the first time.  I have had numerous requests to "stop when the set begins to play".  I do not offer this type of service.  I personally believe this is a waste of my time and your money as it's only a matter of time before the components left in the set fail.

Deposits have never been a requirement.  The only exception is in the case of non-routine replacement of items such as power and audio transformers or speakers.  Also speaker re-coning which is sub contracted.  In these cases, I will contact you with the cost and let you decide whether to proceed.  You will then be asked to forward this amount to me to cover the cost of obtaining the required part (s).  Upon completion of restoration, you will receive an invoice detailing the work done on your set along with the remaining balance.

There may be times when a person feels that the restoration of a set is beyond the scope of their goal.  This is perfectly understandable.  I cases such as this, there will be a fee assessed to cover the cost of bench testing/analyzing the set and repacking/reshipping.  This fee is $35.  Please understand that this is necessary to offset the time spent repacking and transporting it back to the shipping facility as there are any number of sets coming in that also warrant my attention.

Sets are restored on a first come, first served basis.  There are no exceptions on this.  If you have an urgent need, please inquire about turnaround time.  I will try to accommodate but not at the expense of fairness to everyone else.  The average turnaround time is 7 days from the time your set ARRIVES AT MY LOCATION..  This may change due to special parts order requirements as outlined above in the non-routine replacement information.  This is a rarity but warrants a mention here.

Payment Methods

Forms of accepted payment include:

U.S. Postal money orders for immediate shipping.

Paypal funded from your checking account or Paypal balance only.  No credit card payments of any kind through Paypal or any other venue.

Personal Checks with the understanding that this can delay shipment 14 business days from the date I receive payment.  Please be aware that most banks now process checks immediately, therefore the days of "floating" a check are gone.  Checks received "Insufficient Funds" will incur an additional $30 fee.

Payment is due and payable on receipt of invoice which indicates completion of restoration.  Payment not received after 30 days will incur an additional late fee of 15% of the invoice total.