About Me

    Being fascinated with electricity from an early age, I would plug in anything that had a cord on it just to see what would happen.  I became involved in antique radio as a hobby early in 1972.  There was a kind gentleman in our neighborhood who had been a radio repairman from the late 1930's through the early 1960's.  His son had a room full of old radios.  It was a Philco 91 cathedral that hooked me.  That exact set is now in my collection.  Prior to this encounter, the only thing I longed for was a Victor phonograph with a big black horn.



    Much to my neighbor's dismay, I began dragging home every old radio I could find for him to repair.  Being retired and not interested in rekindling his past vocation, he undertook the task of teaching me what he knew.  I soaked up this information like a sponge, checking out every book I could find in the school library on the subject of electronics.

    In the midst of my newfound passion, I developed quite a reputation at the local flea market as "the kid who bought old radios".  My mother on the other hand was not thrilled with my room becoming a bit of an obstacle course.  Having a room full, not to mention house full of old radios was hardly fashionable at a time when old radios were still considered junk and the nostalgia boom had not begun.

    My collecting continued throughout my teen and early adult years, however, and through a chance meeting, I found myself with a career in television broadcasting.  This led to furthering my education and branching into the field of Information Technology.  Having spent a combined total of 16 years in these fields and watching the world change through both areas, I decided that I wanted to spend my life in a bit more sane vocation.

    Considering the vocational areas I've worked in, vintage electronics is the field I'm most comfortable in.  This interest has resulted in the web site you see before you.  Thank you for your visit to my site and your kind consideration.